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Dr. Margaret Moore regarding Carol Paige dental consultant
Margaret Moore, DMD Warner Robins, GA

“The greatest thing about Carol is she is there when you need her. I often call her in the midst of a management crisis, or with staffing concerns, and she knows how to work with both my strong management skills and my weak ones. This allows me to have a more honest interpretation of the office dynamic and helps me step back to see what is best for the practice.

My staff enjoys her visits and training at the office, because they see her as both an impartial and a fair bridge to management. They sense that she wants what is best for our practice and can help guide us in that direction. I could not have opened a practice from scratch without her.”

Dr. Jared Buck regarding Carol Paige Dental Consultant with PRN Consult
Jared T. Buck, DDS Carson City, Nevada

“Carol is the best in her field at finding true talent. I was impressed with how seamlessly she was able to integrate my vision of a hiring the right person from over 2,000 miles away. She was prompt and insightful during the entire process. As my business continues to grow I will definitely hire Carol to help me find the next member of my dental team.”

Jeffrey B. Pafford, DMD, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Pafford regarding working with Carol Paige dental consultant with prn consulting, inc
“I have worked with Carol Paige and PRN over the last few years. I unsuccessfully tried to do the hiring for my office before realizing that I am just not good at it. Where I am deficient, Carol excels. I told her what kind of office I had, and her intuition on my practice and my staff was astounding. I have hired with Carol’s help 4 times now, and every hire has been a successful one. Carol has a way of matching the right person with the job. I have complete faith in her abilities and have referred a few friends who were in need of similar services. I have been immensely happy with the results and would not hesitate a minute to call Carol if I had a hiring need or a practice management problem.”

Mark Dlugokinski, DDS
Mark Dlugokinski, DDS regarding working with Carol Paige dental consultant
"I was a seasoned dentist with 14 years experience when I ventured out to buildmy own practice form scratch. Of all the start-up investments I made, the biggest and best return came from working with Carol. I credit her support and advice for making our first year a success."

Edi Sprouse, RDH

"I am also very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Carol throughout our searches. So often the experience of working with employment agencies and consultants they are more concerned with their agenda and needs rather than the client’s needs. Carol learned very quickly exactly what our goals were and “delivered the goods”! There is no doubt in my mind that without her assistance we would have had to “settle”; we did not have the resources or the time to be successful."