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carol paigeCarol’s speaking
credits include:

Medical College of
Georgia School of
Dentistry and School
of Associated Dental Sciences/Dental Hygiene,

Hinman Dental Meeting,

Georgia Dental

American Dental

American Association
of Orthodontists,

Northern District
Dental Society

and various dental
societies and study
clubs throughout
the Southeast.

Carol Paige dental consultant and owner of PRN Consulting, INC
Carol Paige received her Bachelor of Science from the
Medical College of Georgia, School of Dental Hygiene.
Ms. Paige then underwent extensive interview and
testing procedures with Pride Institute, a grass roots
dental practice management consulting organization,
then trained and joined their organization as a dental
practice management consultant in 1984.

Her responsibilities included consulting and lecturing
on a national level. She then joined a local firm in
1986 and established the firm’s dental management
program, developed courses and manuals and
trained corporate consultants.

After years of implementing
“pre-fab dental consulting
programs,” Carol was convinced
that management plans should
be designed around each office’s
unique needs and not a
pre-designed program best
suited to the needs of the
consulting firm.

To these ends, Carol established
PRN Consulting, Inc. in 1988 and
now works closely with dentists
and staff to create tailor made
solutions for their specific
management and marketing