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Finding the right staff member for your dental practice

You know that every staff member hired is an investment in the future
of your dental business. You are intentional to include only those who
have the stable background, intelligence and skill set to be an asset to
your practice. So how is it that the candidate that wowed you on Fri-
day has turned into someone so unrecognizable and unremarkable
by Wednesday?

Jared Buck, DDS on Carol Paige dental consultant
It’s easy to become discouraged when staff members deliver minimal
production, yet expect high salaries. Perhaps you’re regularly replac-
ing staff, yet they don’t stay on the job long enough to justify the ex-
pense and effort needed to train them. You need help.

Finding the right person for the right job is more than a checklist of
skills and credentials—it’s finding the individual with the appropriate
personality and attitude to work well with patients, and be a natural fit
into the unique culture that is your company.

Staffing Services offered at PRN Consulting

PRN knows that there are no unimportant people on your staff and
that one poorly chosen candidate can affect office harmony, patient
retention and your overall happiness. Let Carol’s 25+ years of experi-
ence in the dental industry, plus her unique understanding of the sin-
gular nature of your practice, go to work for you—vetting candidates
that will win over patients, meld with your current staff, increase office
production, and be of a mind-set to truly retain long-term employment.

Despite your best efforts, some day you will have to face a staff mem-
ber and advise them that you are terminating their employment. Many
an office has long suffered from staffing errors because this task is so
uncomfortable. PRN can coach you through the steps to handle your
employees dismissal. Or, Carol has the compassion to carry out this
function that maintains the dignity of the staff person being dismissed,
while looking out for the general welfare of your practice.

PRN is prepared to speak to your association or conference on the
various challenges and solutions to staffing the modern dental practice.

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